The official name of the Race is Bitter End Yacht Club’s Annual Pro Am Regatta (30th). However, it looked more like “The Taylor Canfield Show” right from the opening whistle. They sailed in IC24s. They easily won the opening fleet race. They comfortable win made it rather easy for them.

There were 7 professional skippers participating in the race. And they kept rotating crews as well. As you know, BEYC guests were made to be the crew. Guests came here only for that as they love rub shoulders with the elite skippers. But ‘Canfield’ was in top form and other skippers had no clue how to catch up with Canfield. (more…)

Wild conditions did not deter a sailing pair from Singapore to make a dream debut. This is with reference to the mixed 407 event that took place on Wednesday at the Rio Games. Among the less likely winners were Denise Lim and Justin Liu from Singapore. They won second place in the first race that surprised even them.

The race happened in tough weather conditions as well. The pair made a dream debut when the conditions were wild, wet and windy. When they came back to shore with the results they could not hide their delight. (more…)

With only a few days remaining for the beginning of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, some of the best athletes in the world have already begun to arrive in Brazil. Sailors need ample time to learn all about the tides, currents, waves and winds before the watery sports begins.

Sailors across the world are plying the Guanabara Bay waves for the last two years by getting trained and well versed with the waters surrounding Rio. Olympic champions from Australia, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are based in Urca which is a neighborhood area situated near the Sugarloaf Mountain. The competitors from USA, Switzerland and Poland are into water testing from training areas on the other side of the bay. (more…)

One of top female solo sailors in Europe has included her name to the list of Class40 pack for The Transat’s 2016 edition. Isabelle Joschke, the Franco-German sailor, aged 39, would be racing Class40, Generali Mixite, in the 4-yearly three-thousand mile classic that sets sail from Plymouth to New York on 2nd May.
Joschke, who is a veteran of 7 Solitaire Bompard – Le Figaro races, would be the 3rd female captain on the start of The Transat, all of whom are taking part in the greatly competitive Class40 monohull pack.
Isabelle Joschke had campaigned for a long time for gender equality in the world of sport. She told that she has dreamt for years about sailing a Class40, a large boat which suits her style. She had set herself a racing program that suits her sailing characteristics and she would like to thank Generali for giving her this scope.
Joschke, who ended the Solitaire Bompard – Le Figaro 2015 as top female captain in seventeenth position overall, would now embark on an intensive training program in March as well as April including completing the mandatory one-thousand mile qualifier for the race.


Are you ready to experience some sub-aquatic cruise adventure? This is the exact question that comes with Crystal Cruises’ new Crystal Esprit luxury yacht that will start sailing in Seychelles, located near Madagascar next week. The 62-passenger vessel, far cozier than Crystal’s 1000-passenger cruise ships. Among other things, it has 2-person submarine.

Crystal Esprit luxury yacht

The submarine is made by U-Boat Worx, a ten-year-old Dutch firm which specializes in tourist subs. Crystal has a C Explorer 2 model that is rated to a depth of hundred meters. A big acrylic bubble offers 180 degree visibility when a 21.6 Kilowatt hour lithium ion battery gives the power.

Prices for U-Boat Worx submarines range from approximately $360000 for a one person model to upwards of US$ 1 million for a five-seater.

On Crystal, excursions would cost US$ 599 per person for a thirty minute ride. For those, who are on a budget, Crystal Esprit’s other water toys include a wake board, water skis, two types of ocean kayaks, Zodiac-style boats, jet skis and fishing and snorkeling gear — all these complimentary. For a look at all of Crystal Cruises’ new, forthcoming additions, you can go through their site.

A Navy warship has come to the help of a leaking and storm-beaten yacht in north Tasman Sea. The yacht named Mahi was captained by a 78-year-old man, who was on a 2-week long sailing tour out of Brisbane, Australia.

Simon Griffiths, the HMNZS Te Kaha commander, stated that the yacht got into trouble late Wednesday night when it endured a leak and began to take on the water. He stated that the Te Kaha was sailing to the Southeast Asia to participate in an exercise when it got the straiten message yesterday morning and raced towards the location of the yacht.

Commander Griffiths stated that their engineer repaired the leak. They also fuelled the yacht, and stocked him up with ten days worth of food. The Mahi is now on its way back to Brisbane.

Meanwhile, A Chinese cargo ship has saved a sailor from a life raft, after he desolated his thirteen-metre yacht off Western Australia’s Mid West coast. A spokesperson for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority stated that the 225-metre Shi Dai 8 had rescued the man successfully after he left his yacht when it started taking on water, north of Geraldton on Friday morning.

A private aircraft saw the raft as well as a flare 277 kilometers north of Geraldton after being bumped off by the AMSA that got an emergency beacon signal at around 7.45 am. The AMSA spokesman told that the local flight came first and reported sighting a life raft and a flare and diverted two merchant ships to the area. It is believed that the man is uninjured.