The official name of the Race is Bitter End Yacht Club’s Annual Pro Am Regatta (30th). However, it looked more like “The Taylor Canfield Show” right from the opening whistle. They sailed in IC24s. They easily won the opening fleet race. They comfortable win made it rather easy for them.

There were 7 professional skippers participating in the race. And they kept rotating crews as well. As you know, BEYC guests were made to be the crew. Guests came here only for that as they love rub shoulders with the elite skippers. But ‘Canfield’ was in top form and other skippers had no clue how to catch up with Canfield.

There was this chatter that one of the IC24s was a bit slowly compared to the other six. We have no clue whether it’s true or not. May be we’ll come to come to know about it later. Nonetheless, Canfield met with no issues. It was a smooth ride for them from the word Go.

Canfield is from the US Virgin Islands, though he has done lot of sailing in Europe with Yacht Charter in Split. Or in other words, he is a local here. He knows the weather. And he was comfortable and familiar with the IC24s. And most importantly, he faced no problem dealing with the shifty, erratic wind patterns. Having familiar with the conditions may have been highly helpful for him.

Canfield finished the race with one point lead. The ex-champion Ed Baird and David Ullman occupied the second and third spots. However, these two won’t be able to dethrone Canfield. They are meant to be at the National Sailing Hall of Fame for their induction. As a result, Steve Benjamin, Anthony Kotoun and Dave Perry will be facing Canfield at the knockout stage. Canfield performed really well during the semi-finals. And it looks like he is going to continue his good performance. And in the finals, Canfield defeated Dave Perry with so much ease.

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