With only a few days remaining for the beginning of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, some of the best athletes in the world have already begun to arrive in Brazil. Sailors need ample time to learn all about the tides, currents, waves and winds before the watery sports begins.

Sailors across the world are plying the Guanabara Bay waves for the last two years by getting trained and well versed with the waters surrounding Rio. Olympic champions from Australia, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are based in Urca which is a neighborhood area situated near the Sugarloaf Mountain. The competitors from USA, Switzerland and Poland are into water testing from training areas on the other side of the bay.

There would be round 200 players from 40 countries taking part in the Rio de Janerio Sailing Week. The event is said to be organized by the yacht club of the city, and more yachts will be there than up for Yacht Charter in Greece! There is a great transformation taking place in the area of Rio de Janeiro so as to host the Olympics.

There will be fair competition taking place as sailors can expect water to be cleaner and less polluted than before. The hosts of Brazil are taking all sorts of measures and reassuring the competitors that the contests will not be disrupted due to excess pollution. The windsurfers and light boats can easily run into areas of floating dirt and garbage which can affect the competition to a great extent.

The environment secretary of the Rio state has taken the required steps to prevent the garbage flow into the bay and has assured that the sailors will not have any trouble. Correa said that the sailors who get trained for several years certainly don’t deserve to be hitting into garbage. Hence, there are cleanup crew members and boaters that are regularly working to clear up the trash that has been found in the water. With so many measures taken by the environment secretary, the competition will run smoothly without any hindrance.

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