Sixteen sailors out of which eight were visitors went head-to-head and saw sailor Ted Pepper in the opening race take an early lead.

Kirk overtook him and forced Pepper to settle for second place Kirk clinched the win. And the visitor sailor Seb Grotto finished in the third position.

Win of Kirk in the second race of the event was straightforward; the youngster lead from the beginning and held off the challenge of Seb and Ted to seal the win.

In the third race, Kirk clinched his win hat-trick a battle which Ted was seen hit by capsize, that allowed guest James Denney to claim the third place. And Grotto finished in the second position.

Until the first race, though Grotto waited to claim his first win, taking Kirk overdrive at the midway point.

Ted again capsized and James took benefit of this to finish in the third position.

The whole race was spectacular and it happened to be one of the crucial events.

Speaking after finishing the race, Grotto shared his feeling, he said,”It was really a great and healthy race. All the racers were of highest potential and we enjoyed a lot. Though, I wanted to win the race and finished first, but it did not happen. However, I am happy with my performance.”

James was the guest sailor and he gave tough competition to the Grotto and finished in third position. He said beating Grotto was really a wonderful experience. At one point of time I lost the hope of beating him. But, then I recollected my focus and started it all again. World class competitors made this race a wonderful one and even more entertaining.”

Even the spectators enjoyed the race to the fullest and were seen supporting their favorite sailors.

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