There is a group who teaches the youngster to sail and they have shown their concern regarding the proposed move of Beaver Island Boat Company to the neighborhood of Ferry Beach.

The director of Sail Charlevoix, Stan Carroll has stated that he is worried about the youth who are associated with the sailing program with the ferry service moving to there. He said that their concern is to do what they have to put their kids of 8-18 years age into small sailboats in front of the ferry traffic. They haven’t yet had the board meeting but he is quite bored too has similar concerns.

The program of Sail Charlevoix has introduced youngsters to boating and sailing. At present, the school doesn’t have a permanent venue. Every summer, the program is organized on the Depot Beach Park towards the northern side of United States Coast Guard Station of Charlevoix.

Carroll has stated that the youth program is going to be one of the prime aspects to be housed at Charlevoix Yacht Club which is to be constructed on the Ferry Beach Park, in the spring north. However, with the recently proposed move by BIBCO, the program is raising more questions.

He says that they are really surprised by the announcement of the move. They have taken the responsibility of growing the next generation of sailors in their school and the move is going to change the space forever. When it is done the building, it is never going to change back. He says that he doesn’t see anything positive in this. Everything is negative for them. The move will change the pattern of traffic on the water, as well as on land.

He says that being a businessman, he understands as to why the company would want to make the move. Thus, he wants to sit down with them to talk about the impact of the ferry on the area and also the program of youth sailing.

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