Wild conditions did not deter a sailing pair from Singapore to make a dream debut. This is with reference to the mixed 407 event that took place on Wednesday at the Rio Games. Among the less likely winners were Denise Lim and Justin Liu from Singapore. They won second place in the first race that surprised even them.

The race happened in tough weather conditions as well. The pair made a dream debut when the conditions were wild, wet and windy. When they came back to shore with the results they could not hide their delight.

They navigated around a tricky spot that put most of the fleet behind and this helped them to forge ahead. The boat from Switzerland was with them and both finished with similar timings. Lim stated that when they finished the race and saw no one else they were wondering where the other boats were.

Liu told the Scotland Bareboat Charter website that the debut was a great start for them, especially coming in second position which was an amazing feeling for them. The team is not hoping for much but look forward to continuing in the rest of the races and in keeping up their form in the rest of the regatta races.

Among others Jovina Choo and Amanda Ng competed and found that the going was tough. They finished in 19th position overall as they found the weather conditions to be tough. The conditions being tricky this duo found it difficult to go on. At the same time they were hopeful that they would get better positions in the later day of the races. Indeed, the sailing races at Rio have been all about less likely contestants making it at times while champions have also fallen behind their expectations as weather and water conditions have remained unpredictable.

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