After spending the summer full of rest, internships and coaching, the college sailors from all across the country return to their schools and look to the water.

The 2017 ICSA Fall Season is set to start with regattas taking place in early September and will conclude in the mid-November, straddling from coast to coast. During the fall of 2017, the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA) is about to sanction hundreds of regattas.

So, in the coming weeks, number of regattas are about to take place and this includes match-racing and single handed national championship. In addition this season, all three national championships will take place in SAISA. The ICSA Match Racing National Championship (MRNC) will take place at the College of Charleston, in South Carolina, whereas the singlehanded nationals of women’s and men’s will take place in Florida, St. Petersburg. All these events will help to make the season full of fun and excitement concluding in both the Coed Atlantic Coast Championship in New York at the SUNY Maritime College and the Atlantic Coast Championship of Women hosted by Connecticut College.

It is will great to see who turn out to be the winner of these championships as all the participating schools have pre prepared themselves to show their best. Talk about the championship of the last season, then last year in the ICSA Match Race National Championship that held in San Diego, Georgetown University was the winner and topped the podium. The 2016 Cornelius Shields Jr. Trophy was won by Georgetown after the hard fight with some of the best teams. They will try to defend their title in this season.

Boston College ruled at both the Women’s and Men’s Singlehanded National Championships in 2016 and they too will defend their title this year with strong participants.

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